Hacker's Cafe Reinvents the Web Server

Hello, everybody. I'm Akio. I introduce a self-run-type Web server today.

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The Web Server is Running
Here's a funny little video by akio0911 of Hacker's Cafe of a laptop-endowed radio controlled car running a web server and getting directions via the internet from an iPod Touch. Does this seem a tad overly-complicated? Well, it is, but it's from a project called "Hacker's Cafe Reinvents the Web Server" which judging by the laughter at a recent presentation is most definitely is an exercise in overly-contrived hackerism delivered with a hilarious nod to Steve Jobs' keynote addresses. Just as the iPhone was supposed to combine the best of a phone, PDA, and web browser, Akio says in his presentation that this device is supposed to be the culminating combination of a remote control, a web server, and a radio-controlled truck. It's good to see people doing cool stuff and with a sense of humor.

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