How to make potato curry

Hi, it is ENDOH takanao @MiCHiLU

First fresh tomato, onion, boiled potato, turmeric and curry leaves, put them into coconut milk. Then to simmer for about 10 minutes so it does not boil. Finally put some salt into them. It is easy!

Sigiriya Rock

Hi, it is ENDOH takanao @MiCHiLU

I climbed to the Sigiriya Rock in Sri-Lanka.

The Sigiriya Rock is a rock hill in the forest. There is historic ruins, some pools, some building made rocks and many stone stirs around the rock. It is the ancient city of Sigiriya (World Heritage site) 1500 years ago.

Entered the site, there were some ancient fountains in the Water Gardens, then went through these, starts the steps witch leads to the Sigiriya Rock. At the foot of the rock, there were the Mirror Wall by the way along the rock and Frescoes over the way.

The Frescoes is cave painting of the famed Sigiriya Ladies the ancient people painted with flowers and leaves. The Mirror Wall is made of caustic lime with honey and egg white. It reflected Frescoes on the other side of the way with written the poems on itself in those days.

Then went through the way, there was the Lion's Paws witch is the entrance of the steps used to climb up to on the top rock. I went up the steep cliff slowly.

When I reached the top there was a royal palace on the rock standing some 200 meters high. I gazed at the most amazing view from there. There was a pool in the sky before my eyes. It was a striking vista in the extensive northern plain.

If you have the journey to Sri-Lanka, the Sigiriya Rock is worth visiting.


Sri-Lankan Gecko

Hi, it is ENDOH takanao @MiCHiLU

Sri-Lankan gecko is more charming than the Japanese house lizard in Okinawa. It can jump from edge of wall, and it can cry like birds, the marvelous thing!

One day, I found child of gecko on the table, it was a little, so cute. When it walk, shake the body making sounds.

Some people in Sri-Lanka, when they start something, if the gecko cries, they stop the thing. It is a fortune.

The gecko eat mosquitos and some insects in the house. They are innocent and friendly with us.


How to make Sri-Lankan Chili Paste

Hi, it is ENDOH takanao @MiCHiLU

The chili paste is hot, but not simply hot, it is a complex taste. I feel umami like Japanese dashi from that. The dashi is Japanese soup stock made from fish and kelp, and the umami is fifth category of taste, corresponding to the flavor of glutamate.

How to make the chili paste, the ingredients are chilies, raw garlic, raw purple onion, curry leaves, salt, pepper and dried fish. The curry leaves is Sri-Lankan herb, it is put in to most curries. You can substitute a bay laurel for it. They are mixed and grind in the mill, then put some lime juice in to them.

I prefer the Sri-Lankan chili paste, to match coconut very well. When i return to Japan, will try to make it with Japanese foodstuff.


How to make ginger tea and cinnamon tea

Hi, it is ENDOH takanao @MiCHiLU

Ginger tea is popular in Sri-Lanka. It is like lemon flavor.
  • First, warm the tea pot.
  • Second, put tea leaves, one teaspoon for one cup of tea.
  • Third, put crushed ginger in to the tea pot.
  • Next, pour boiling water. After that, stir well.
  • Finally, strain in to cups.
Another, some cinnamon sticks put in to the tea container. After come time, there will be the cinnamon tea.

If you are tired or have sore throat, these teas are good.


Custard Apple

Hi, it is ENDOH takanao @MiCHiLU

Custard apple is similar family of jack fruit. There is on the tree.

How to eat of custard apple, peel and remove black seeds. It's texture is like banana, and taste is like pineapple.

It is rare fruit. But do not eat a lot, because it has effect to the body. It makes the body cold.

It is custard apple juice with some sugar. It is delicious.


The Curry

Hi, it is ENDOH takanao @MiCHiLU

In Sri-Lanka, The most popular meal is curry.

They are chicken curry, egg curry, eggplant curry, pumpkin curry, tomato curry, potato curry, coconut curry, herb curry, jack fruit curry, green banana curry, banana's flower curry, beans curry, green beans curry, lentil curry, gourd curry, snake gourd curry, like gourd curry, canned fish curry, dried fish curry, dried small fish curry, stir fried dry small fish curry... and more! A lot of kind.

They are very tasty. I am not tired of curry, yet!

Mosquito Battle

Hi, it is ENDOH takanao @MICHiLU

Sri-Lanka has been raining for long time, too wet, so has been many mosquitoes. Sri-Lanka's mosquito is docile and slowly comparison with Japanese mosquito. But, if we are off guard, will got a lot of mosquito bites.

When bedtime, bed is protect by mosquito net. But, how to guard out of bed? One day, I found the NINJA at supermarket, and got it. The NINJA is an extra power mosquito coil, only Rs.55(40 yen). It was keeping out mosquitoes of my room, very well.


From Sri-Lanka

Hi, I'm ENDOH takanao (@MiCHiLU).

I am staying for leaning English in Sri-Lanka, for about 4weeks from last week. My home stay location is Warakapola, between Colombo and Kandy. It's a small town surrounded by tropical forest.

Now, Sri-Lanka has been raining for 4 months. It has made big problems, flood and landslide. Can not go to some ancient ruins.