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Firefox Developers Conference 2009 in Japan

Hi, this is takano32.

Today, 8th November, Firefox Developers Conference 2009 is held at Ohtemachi in Japan.
Many Firefox developers participate in this conference.

I also participate in this conference and have a good time.
I take many photos in this conference. I paste below some of photos Im interested in particular.

Super Foxkeh Stack!

At the Entrance!

Super Eating Cake!

This is Firefox birthday cake!

And, good eating!

Thanks for eating, @amachang!

Super Firefox 5th birthday!

I answered anquete and got light.
And I use that in this event.

Wow, we have Firefox lights and they are lighting up floor! It's beautifull!!

The movie celebrating 5th birthday also streamed! Cool!

Firefox 5th birthday event in Japan may be fastest.
Firefox hackers participate this season event will have a same kind of good experience.
May the Firefox be with you! See ya!


Hacker's Cafe in OSC 2009 Tokyo/Fall

Open Source Conference 2009 Tokyo/Fall was held at Kamata in Tokyo.Open Source Conference is also called OSC.

We participated in this OSC, OSC 2009 Tokyo/Fall, 31st October. Of course we display our products. And we also enjoy others' products.

Now, I introduce some of very interesting things that I saw.

1. Nyatla's AR system

Mr. Nyatla is a one of the most famous Argumented Reality Hacker in Japan. He came our booth and show us his new product.

"NyARToolkitCS" --- running in WindowsMobile platform!

2. Sun's wrist watch

Wow, Sun microsystems Japan displays wrist watch!
Ummm, this wrist watch is in a funny Box.

I'm very excited by the watch boxes! And have photos.

Then Sun Microsystems Japan Member says "May I give you a watch box, if you want." Of course, I answered "Yes, Yes, Yes! Would you give me the watch box! You give me the watch box!?"

Now here is a my watch box. Thanks for giving me a watch box, Sun Microsystems Japan Member!

3. Super geecko stack!

Geecko is a mascot character of Novell.
Here OSC there are many geecko! Here and there!

How cool... What a beautiful balance they keep on!

Above articles are some tips of OSC. OSC also have many sessions. These sessions are very interesting as well as display. In sessions many products are introduced to participants. Xen, Ubuntu, openSuSE, openSolaris, Firefox, Thunderbird and bla bla bla...

We have a good time. Thanks, all.

Photos I took are available in flickr