Wizpy was too inexpensive to buy!

Amazon.co.jp announced Wizpy was on sale for 2980 JPY.

A lot of people visited Amazon.co.jp and made Wizpy cart on and went to buy.

Too much people went to buy, so Amazon.co.jp had no more sale.
Amazon.co.jp send visited people a mail was sorry for inconvinience...

wizpy 4GB ブラック P0672wizpy 4GB ブラック P0672

Turbolinux 2007-03-09
売り上げランキング : 1

by G-Tools


"wizpy" discounted!!

Wizpy is a little multipurpose USB gadget.

It appear able to...

  • USB Bootable Flash Drive. It can boot same linux environment, any compatible PC.
  • USB text, audio, photo and video media player.
  • USB voice recorder.
  • FM radio receiver.

We could get this cute device in 3000 yen!

A lot of Japanese was bought this, see twitter search.

wizpy 4GB ブラック P0672wizpy 4GB ブラック P0672

Turbolinux 2007-03-09
売り上げランキング : 1

by G-Tools


Twiyashitter - How much do you devote to Twitter?

Hi, this is takano32.
Can you figure out how much time of your devoting to Twitter?

No? OK.
I give you a service calculating the time. The service is Twiyashitter.

Don't read Japanese? OK. You don't have to read Japanese. The site is servicing in English. Let's get started!!
  1. Access to Twiyashitter.
  2. Input your Twitter account name to the input box.
  3. Then push "Start Counting" button.
  4. Please wait a minute while "Now loading ..." (may take a dozens of minutes...).
  5. Type your phrase updating Twitter before to sample typing speed.
  6. Now, Twiyashitter tells you how much your time of devoting to Twitter.

If your time of devoting is large,you don't have to be depressed.
Because @lynmock put in 494hours 13minutes 27seconds! So, you are good to feel ease.

About @lynmock.
He is Japanese and making a Twitter client, P3: PeraPeraPrv. This Twitter client supports multilanguages. So, if you are interested in P3, download and use it. Of course, the client is free.


[Twitter] Favotter counting favors of status

Hi, this is takano32.

Do you use Twitter?
Of course I do. Today I introduced you a popular site for Japanese Twitter-er.

The site is Favotter made by @ono_matope.
This site is crowling Japanese Twitter-er's favorites and summarizing. And it can display statuses evaluated as favorite.

If you watch these statuses, you can see statuses favored for Japanese Twitter-er.

Thank you.


[Twitter] Update your status using 'wget'

Hi, this is takano32.

Here is an interesting article in Japanese.
Linux のコマンドラインから Twitter と FriendFeed の更新を行う」 in English, "Update your status in Twitter and FriendFeed with Linux command line".

Now, let's try update your Twitter status.

wget --keep-session-cookies --http-user=dankogai --http-password=kogaidan \
--post-data="status=Hello, EGG!" \

Owesome! Such a little typing can make your status update!!

The conetnt of this network trafic is similar to of How to use Twitter-scraping#2.
If read twitterscraping.py, a network trafic by above command will be a good reference.

Thank you.

How to use Twitter-scraping#2

Now I'll show twitter post using Twitter-scraping. It's very simple

$ python
>>> import twitterscraping
>>> tw = twitterscraping({"user":"yourname","pass":"yourpassword"})
>>> tw.put(u"test")


Omochi: Japanese rice cake

Hi, it is NISHIO Hirokazu. I felt our previous entry(deleted) by takano32 is too much clowning around. The photo is not an Omochi but one of sexual toy for men. So I'm writing revised version.

Omochi (or Mochi) is a traditional Japanese food made of rice. To make Omochi (said Mochi-Tsuki) was a popular event of new year season. However it is not easy to make Omochi in your kitchen, nowadays, we usually buy them from shop.

I bought it for about 500 yen. 15 pieces of Omochi in it.

This is a piece of Omochi. Unfortunately I don't have enough cooking tools, today I'll introduce one simple way to eat Omochi.

This is a freeze-dried soupbase for Ocha-Duke. Ocha-Duke is very popular Japanese snack. It is boiled rice poured soup on it. The soup is made of Japanese green tea and the soupbase.

Now baking an Omochi in an oven. Can you see it is inflating?


Add soupbase and boiled carrot(it is an option. I had them by chance), and pour tea on it.

It is delicious. There are a lot of way to eat delicious Omochi. But be careful. It is deadly sticky. In January 1996, 208 people were dead by choking with Omochi. Main victims are elderly; 70's(28.8%) and 80's(25.4%).
ref. Health and Welfare Statistics Association 'KOUSEI-NO-SHIHYOU' 1996


crochet: Twitter Client

crochet is Twitter client like Tween. It works MacOS&Linux. It was writtened by wxPython using Twitter-scraping.py.


crochet is free! Please try it!!


We are feeling creativity with creative beat!

We all persons are beating legs with feeling nervous, feeling cold, thinking creatively and so on.

Now here is a very interesting gadget, YUREX. This counts your number of beating. Not only counts, but also sends your number of beating to the Internet!

This product made by Meiwa Denki and KAYAK. They think this beat as good for body, brain, minds and creativity. They call the beat as "BBU"(Bounding Body from Unconciousness). If you want to know more about BBU theory, you can visit the theory of BBU site.

If you are very interested in YUREX and BBU, you can put YUREX BlogParts to your blog. And then your blog also feeling creative and get started beating at once!!

But, he is too excited to think creatively.
Beating may be good for you if you don't beat so a lot of. :-)

Dish your hate with breaking dishes!

Hi, this is takano32.

Can you control your hate and make yourself free?

These days, the World is kaotic.And we must handle our stress ourselves.
In Akihabara, one of the most crazy city in the World, there is a shop to handle your stress.

Dish your hate with breaking dishes!

Through dishes to wall and break ones.Then your hate is breaking, too!

He is always nervous and we thought that the service may be able to get rid of his anxiety.
This challenging plan is successfully working! Now, he is feeling ease and happy!! CoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooL!!!!!!!!!


Crepe is fast food most popular with young people in Harajuku, Tokyo.

Crepe is a kind of a pancake. The origin of crepe is the Brittany district in northwestern France. Crepe is rolled or folded, and various foods are wrapped in and eaten in many cases. The crape that rolls only butter and sugar is the simplest.

There are crepe which wraps in whipped cream, fruit and jam, chocolate sauce, ice cream, etc., and is eaten as confectionery, and crepe which wraps in a ham, chicken, a cheese, vegetables, etc. and is eaten as a light meal.

The Harajuku Takeshita street in Shibuya, Tokyo is famous because there are a lot of crape shops. A lot of young people buy the crape, eat in front of the shop or eat and walk. Crepe is also a fast food.

Pattern in the availability of SHINKANSEN(highspeed express in Japan)

Hi, I'm NISHIO Hirokazu. I'm now in my hometown Osaka and I must go to my workplace Tokyo before the holiday's end. I checked the availability of the SHINKANSEN and found an interesting pattern. A cross means 'not available', a circle means 'available' and a star means 'no smoking seats'. Green four-leaves icon means first-class seats. Guess why it is available in the third train and not in fourth.

I guess it comes from the arrival time. Typical Japanese company starts at 9:00. The third one arrives at 9:10. It is available. Trains arrives before 9:00 is not available. Those what arrives before 9:09 is available only in first-class seats.

Unofficial eXtreme Adhoc New Year Count Down Event!!

Hi, this is takano32.

Last year, we reseached new year count down event at shibuya center XPT.We call it as "Unofficial eXtreme Adhoc New Year Count Down Event" because near by police men shout "KAUNTO DAUN IBENTO HA ARIMASEN!!" that means "Count down event won't be held on here!!"

But, we was watching count down event held on XPT!!
Is this not count down event, what is count down event?

thx for recording, @oquno

thx for recording, @oquno

My ustreaming MacBook design was catching on.I'm feeling happy and exciting!!

How to use Twitter-scraping


Fix some points.


Twitter-scraping is a python twitter library. It uses not only API but also HTML scraping.)

1. require
  • python 2.5 or later(now I checked on python 2.5)
  • python-json
  • twitter-scraping.py(you may get git://github.com/showyou/twitter-scraping.git )
2.simple usage

#!/usr/bin/env python
# -*- coding:utf-8 -*-

import twitterscraping

# todo: please rewrite below your_username and your_password
userdata = { "user":"your_username", "pass":"your_password" }
tw = twittwescraping.Twitter(userdata)

#show your friend's timeline


[['yokochie', u'\u6c37\u5ddd\u795e\u793e\u306e\u53c2\u9053\u6b69\u304d\u4e2d', 'Sat Jan 03 05:04:44 +0000 2009', 'http://s3.amazonaws.com/twitter_production/profile_images/57986354/DSC00408_normal.JPG', 5619562], ['Na_IT', ...


Happy New Year !!

PURI-KURA(abbr. of print club) is a popular vending machine in Japan. In the booth of PURI-KURA you takes photoes, decorate it with various fonts and stumps and print it on stickers. It is very popular in teen girls. They have books to collect thousands of those stickers with handreds of friends.