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Hi, this is takano32 the Digital NOBUSHI.

Last Saturday, Sumida Starmine Festival was held in Sumida River.
The center of this event is Sumida River in Asakusa. Asakusa is one of the most famous city in Tokyo.

Here is a video that caputred Sumida Starmine Festival and People coming to that festival.

Tokyo is a very high density of people and people are closed up easyly by something interesting event to go like Sumida Starmine Festival.

Watch! Peopele are like grit and dust, watching from high places!!





ITOYANAGI: our brandnew product

Hi, it is NISHIO Hirokazu. Today I'll introduce our product ITOYANAGI.

It was put on view on last Saturday at Odaiba, Tokyo.

ITOYANAGI is a name of our member, he had arrested and put into mental hospital in 2004. He did cosplay (short for "costume roleplay"; see Cosplay - Wikipedia) and it was disgusting:

Unfortunately there are a lot of crazy (in good meanings! of cource! don't kill me!) people in our team, so ITOYANAGI became 3D model...

The modeller want to stay anonymous. He may regret creating this terrible model.

And...mmm... One more thing!! The model was printed out with 3D printer!

Following 7 movies are how this crazy figure was born. In the last movie you can see rotating figure with ITOYANAGI's song. Be careful to keep your sanity. We are not responsible for your headache.

It's very sexy!

You can see the figure at 3D-GAN in Akihabara UDX 4F now. But ITOYANAGI may bring his metal bat and crush it and the modeller's skull. I want to record the moment as 600 frame per second with EX-F1 highspeed camera. Hehe.

iPhone Camera and its motion blur

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