I enjoy reading in bath every day

Hi, it is akio0911.

I bought Amazon Kindle 2 international.
I enjoy reading in bath every day.


ICT School 2009

Hi, it is NISHIO Hirokazu. Today I'm present at ICT School 2009 by MEXT(Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, Japan). See more, visit http://ictschool.nttls.co.jp/

It is a hackathon for high school students. The year it is focused on GPGPU (general purpose graphics processing unit). Twelve students are creating their program now. Unfortunately I can't attend at their final presentation, but it seems very interesting. Implementation of AI and collision check using GPU for virtual robots and so on..


What does "RT10連鎖したら全裸うpする" mean

Hi, it is Dr. NISHIO Hirokazu. Today I saw interesting internet meme.

"RT10連鎖したら全裸うpする" is a Japanese sentense. It says "If the post is retweeted and retweeted again as 10 times, I'll upload my naked photo." Unfortunately I don't know who originally posted it.

I think the most difficult part of it is "うp". It is an internet slang. It came from "upload" and its first 2 letters "up" changed into it. "全裸" means "completely naked" and "10連鎖" means "chain of 10 degrees".


An anonymous writer of 2ch, the largest anonymous BBS in Japan found the original post: http://twitter.com/ichitaso/status/6370788497

Unfortunately (?) ichitaso is male. This is a thumbnail of his naked photo:

The original photo on twitpic was already removed. Someone might download and re-upload it, but I don't want to search it.


iTheremin will be on Make: Tokyo Meeting 04

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Firefox Developers Conference 2009 in Japan

Hi, this is takano32.

Today, 8th November, Firefox Developers Conference 2009 is held at Ohtemachi in Japan.
Many Firefox developers participate in this conference.

I also participate in this conference and have a good time.
I take many photos in this conference. I paste below some of photos Im interested in particular.

Super Foxkeh Stack!

At the Entrance!

Super Eating Cake!

This is Firefox birthday cake!

And, good eating!

Thanks for eating, @amachang!

Super Firefox 5th birthday!

I answered anquete and got light.
And I use that in this event.

Wow, we have Firefox lights and they are lighting up floor! It's beautifull!!

The movie celebrating 5th birthday also streamed! Cool!

Firefox 5th birthday event in Japan may be fastest.
Firefox hackers participate this season event will have a same kind of good experience.
May the Firefox be with you! See ya!


Hacker's Cafe in OSC 2009 Tokyo/Fall

Open Source Conference 2009 Tokyo/Fall was held at Kamata in Tokyo.Open Source Conference is also called OSC.

We participated in this OSC, OSC 2009 Tokyo/Fall, 31st October. Of course we display our products. And we also enjoy others' products.

Now, I introduce some of very interesting things that I saw.

1. Nyatla's AR system

Mr. Nyatla is a one of the most famous Argumented Reality Hacker in Japan. He came our booth and show us his new product.

"NyARToolkitCS" --- running in WindowsMobile platform!

2. Sun's wrist watch

Wow, Sun microsystems Japan displays wrist watch!
Ummm, this wrist watch is in a funny Box.

I'm very excited by the watch boxes! And have photos.

Then Sun Microsystems Japan Member says "May I give you a watch box, if you want." Of course, I answered "Yes, Yes, Yes! Would you give me the watch box! You give me the watch box!?"

Now here is a my watch box. Thanks for giving me a watch box, Sun Microsystems Japan Member!

3. Super geecko stack!

Geecko is a mascot character of Novell.
Here OSC there are many geecko! Here and there!

How cool... What a beautiful balance they keep on!

Above articles are some tips of OSC. OSC also have many sessions. These sessions are very interesting as well as display. In sessions many products are introduced to participants. Xen, Ubuntu, openSuSE, openSolaris, Firefox, Thunderbird and bla bla bla...

We have a good time. Thanks, all.

Photos I took are available in flickr


My friends bought me a girl friend!

Hi, it is NISHIO Hirokazu. My friends gave me a present.

Oh, what's this?

Ta-dah! It is "LOVEPLUS"!!!

It says "National girl friends debut!!"

On the back of package, it says "Pounding your heart for, feeling at ease with and touch to, new life starts!!". Touch to what? It is not written directly but I know, it is my new girl friend!

But I think the novelity of the game is not touch on girls. There is a game more specialized on touch on girls, Doki Doki Majo Shinpan!. It may be "real-time mode" using clock in Nintendo DS. For I just started new life with girl friends, I don't know much. I'll write some entry after.

"You are too obtrusive, you know?" ooh...


Re: Python vs Clojure

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printed with EPSON's PX-5002

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nomadic computing camp

street computing3
Originally uploaded by bosschaang
We are computing everywhere!!


Theory of HAMETSU - 1st contact

Hey guys, this is takano32.

We'll publish a new copy book that will be generated by xeroxed in Comick Marcket 76!!

This is Hacker's Cafe's first DOUJINSHI!! ( whoo! whoo!

Comick Marcket is held on Tokyo Ariake BigSight annually.

This year, @ssig33 and @itkz (Hacker's Cafe Members) win the right to make a booth!!
And we'll come up with them, thank you.

Theory of HAMETSU - 1st contact will be sold in the booth, 15 August.
We Hacker's Cafe members will be with you if you attend the booth whose ID is "P-54a".

Thank you and enjoy summer vacation.



Originally uploaded by takano32

Hi, this is takano32 the Digital NOBUSHI.

Last Saturday, Sumida Starmine Festival was held in Sumida River.
The center of this event is Sumida River in Asakusa. Asakusa is one of the most famous city in Tokyo.

Here is a video that caputred Sumida Starmine Festival and People coming to that festival.

Tokyo is a very high density of people and people are closed up easyly by something interesting event to go like Sumida Starmine Festival.

Watch! Peopele are like grit and dust, watching from high places!!





ITOYANAGI: our brandnew product

Hi, it is NISHIO Hirokazu. Today I'll introduce our product ITOYANAGI.

It was put on view on last Saturday at Odaiba, Tokyo.

ITOYANAGI is a name of our member, he had arrested and put into mental hospital in 2004. He did cosplay (short for "costume roleplay"; see Cosplay - Wikipedia) and it was disgusting:

Unfortunately there are a lot of crazy (in good meanings! of cource! don't kill me!) people in our team, so ITOYANAGI became 3D model...

The modeller want to stay anonymous. He may regret creating this terrible model.

And...mmm... One more thing!! The model was printed out with 3D printer!

Following 7 movies are how this crazy figure was born. In the last movie you can see rotating figure with ITOYANAGI's song. Be careful to keep your sanity. We are not responsible for your headache.

It's very sexy!

You can see the figure at 3D-GAN in Akihabara UDX 4F now. But ITOYANAGI may bring his metal bat and crush it and the modeller's skull. I want to record the moment as 600 frame per second with EX-F1 highspeed camera. Hehe.

iPhone Camera and its motion blur

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SAKETOBA: Japanese redvines

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Python Spa #6

Hi, it is NISHIO Hirokazu, today I'm participating Python Onsen(Python Spa) #6. It is a hackathon of python hackers in a inn with hot spa. Pyshon Spa donates reminder of bills. You can see it on donation page of Python Software Foundation. You may remember the post about java-ja spa: Hacker's Cafe Blog: Hackathon with Spa. It is the same inn.

46 bananas!

A lot of pepsi!!

Nice Japanese dinner! Healthy foods!


street computing NOW!!!

Hi, every one. I'm yuiseki.

Today, I will introduce you to "Streetcomputing" -- that is fusion of geek computer culture and urban street culture.

emobile, laptop and netbook allows us to walk round at city with the Web.



How to calculate Bezier curves' bounding box

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KOIKE style pictogram

Hi, It is NISHIO Hirokazu! Do you know 'KOIKE style'? It is a form to use your laptop on streets.



This morning akio0911 send us the second photo and it inspire me to draw following pictogram.

You know it is an hommage to Julian Opie. The pictogram may show there are some Wifi available. I'll put it on public domain. If you want to use it is free!