SAKETOBA: Japanese redvines

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Python Spa #6

Hi, it is NISHIO Hirokazu, today I'm participating Python Onsen(Python Spa) #6. It is a hackathon of python hackers in a inn with hot spa. Pyshon Spa donates reminder of bills. You can see it on donation page of Python Software Foundation. You may remember the post about java-ja spa: Hacker's Cafe Blog: Hackathon with Spa. It is the same inn.

46 bananas!

A lot of pepsi!!

Nice Japanese dinner! Healthy foods!


street computing NOW!!!

Hi, every one. I'm yuiseki.

Today, I will introduce you to "Streetcomputing" -- that is fusion of geek computer culture and urban street culture.

emobile, laptop and netbook allows us to walk round at city with the Web.



How to calculate Bezier curves' bounding box

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KOIKE style pictogram

Hi, It is NISHIO Hirokazu! Do you know 'KOIKE style'? It is a form to use your laptop on streets.



This morning akio0911 send us the second photo and it inspire me to draw following pictogram.

You know it is an hommage to Julian Opie. The pictogram may show there are some Wifi available. I'll put it on public domain. If you want to use it is free!


Emperor Palpatine

Fractal aurora(Koch curve)

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