Japanese Character Problem

There are many problems to process Japanese character;"日本語".

For example, if we use MySQL with no attention, Japanese character is mistarious change.

Almost case, these problems are caused by using latin as default character code.
Why don't you use unicode?





Skype bot for iKnow!

We developed "Skype bot for iKnow!".

Skype bot for iKnow!


The Web Server is Running - Hacker's Cafe Reinvents the Web Server

Made in Japan - Volume 30
Here's a funny little video by akio0911 of Hacker's Cafe of a laptop-endowed radio controlled car running a web server and getting directions via the internet from an iPod Touch. Does this seem a tad overly-complicated? Well, it is, but it's from a project called "Hacker's Cafe Reinvents the Web Server" which judging by the laughter at a recent presentation is most definitely is an exercise in overly-contrived hackerism delivered with a hilarious nod to Steve Jobs' keynote addresses. Just as the iPhone was supposed to combine the best of a phone, PDA, and web browser, Akio says in his presentation that this device is supposed to be the culminating combination of a remote control, a web server, and a radio-controlled truck. It's good to see people doing cool stuff and with a sense of humor.

Cyber Star Rally - AR(Augmented Reality) Game in Tokyo, Japan

Cyber Star Rally - AR(Augmented Reality) Game in Tokyo, Japan

The AR game Cyber Star Rally Challenge held on virtual Tokyo in AR World we Hacker's Cafe deployed many stars and a member was trying to collect the all stars using GPS and riding MTB!