LISP as pretty girls

Hi, it is Dr. NISHIO Hirokazu. Today I saw unbelievable news.

http://journal.mycom.co.jp/news/2010/07/27/007/index.html (in Japanese)

An idol group "LISP" has sat up! In the news:

  • It was named after a term of artificial intelligence programming
  • Its concept is "connect with you", intend to "communicate with fan every day"
  • In order to keep connecting with fans, the members of LISP always be with small laptop, using Twitter and web radio.
  • On 7/30, LISP official site named "LISP OFFICIAL WEB SITE ~room and computer and LISP~" will be open. In it, free fan club "familisp" comes.

Members said:

  • It is fun if we discuss with you what LISP you want to see, what LISP is fun, etc. (Azusa)
  • I want to think with you the pose of LISP! (Azusa)
  • LISP is just a newborn, but we want to progress step by step with your encouragement! (Yuuri)

There were also some novels (S-Expression Communication) from 2006. You may know, intense, close communication is an advantage of LISP. I love read-eval-print-loop. Now I'm interested in whether she supports macro to make her appearance my own?

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