How to make Sri-Lankan Chili Paste

Hi, it is ENDOH takanao @MiCHiLU

The chili paste is hot, but not simply hot, it is a complex taste. I feel umami like Japanese dashi from that. The dashi is Japanese soup stock made from fish and kelp, and the umami is fifth category of taste, corresponding to the flavor of glutamate.

How to make the chili paste, the ingredients are chilies, raw garlic, raw purple onion, curry leaves, salt, pepper and dried fish. The curry leaves is Sri-Lankan herb, it is put in to most curries. You can substitute a bay laurel for it. They are mixed and grind in the mill, then put some lime juice in to them.

I prefer the Sri-Lankan chili paste, to match coconut very well. When i return to Japan, will try to make it with Japanese foodstuff.

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