Mosquito Battle

Hi, it is ENDOH takanao @MICHiLU

Sri-Lanka has been raining for long time, too wet, so has been many mosquitoes. Sri-Lanka's mosquito is docile and slowly comparison with Japanese mosquito. But, if we are off guard, will got a lot of mosquito bites.

When bedtime, bed is protect by mosquito net. But, how to guard out of bed? One day, I found the NINJA at supermarket, and got it. The NINJA is an extra power mosquito coil, only Rs.55(40 yen). It was keeping out mosquitoes of my room, very well.


janusis said...

Hey, I read your blog sometimes, and I am in Sri Lanka too. Have fun with the mosquitos ;)

NISHIO Hirokazu said...

Nice name! > Ninja

Leona james said...

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