Omochi: Japanese rice cake

Hi, it is NISHIO Hirokazu. I felt our previous entry(deleted) by takano32 is too much clowning around. The photo is not an Omochi but one of sexual toy for men. So I'm writing revised version.

Omochi (or Mochi) is a traditional Japanese food made of rice. To make Omochi (said Mochi-Tsuki) was a popular event of new year season. However it is not easy to make Omochi in your kitchen, nowadays, we usually buy them from shop.

I bought it for about 500 yen. 15 pieces of Omochi in it.

This is a piece of Omochi. Unfortunately I don't have enough cooking tools, today I'll introduce one simple way to eat Omochi.

This is a freeze-dried soupbase for Ocha-Duke. Ocha-Duke is very popular Japanese snack. It is boiled rice poured soup on it. The soup is made of Japanese green tea and the soupbase.

Now baking an Omochi in an oven. Can you see it is inflating?


Add soupbase and boiled carrot(it is an option. I had them by chance), and pour tea on it.

It is delicious. There are a lot of way to eat delicious Omochi. But be careful. It is deadly sticky. In January 1996, 208 people were dead by choking with Omochi. Main victims are elderly; 70's(28.8%) and 80's(25.4%).
ref. Health and Welfare Statistics Association 'KOUSEI-NO-SHIHYOU' 1996

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