Twiyashitter - How much do you devote to Twitter?

Hi, this is takano32.
Can you figure out how much time of your devoting to Twitter?

No? OK.
I give you a service calculating the time. The service is Twiyashitter.

Don't read Japanese? OK. You don't have to read Japanese. The site is servicing in English. Let's get started!!
  1. Access to Twiyashitter.
  2. Input your Twitter account name to the input box.
  3. Then push "Start Counting" button.
  4. Please wait a minute while "Now loading ..." (may take a dozens of minutes...).
  5. Type your phrase updating Twitter before to sample typing speed.
  6. Now, Twiyashitter tells you how much your time of devoting to Twitter.

If your time of devoting is large,you don't have to be depressed.
Because @lynmock put in 494hours 13minutes 27seconds! So, you are good to feel ease.

About @lynmock.
He is Japanese and making a Twitter client, P3: PeraPeraPrv. This Twitter client supports multilanguages. So, if you are interested in P3, download and use it. Of course, the client is free.

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