We are feeling creativity with creative beat!

We all persons are beating legs with feeling nervous, feeling cold, thinking creatively and so on.

Now here is a very interesting gadget, YUREX. This counts your number of beating. Not only counts, but also sends your number of beating to the Internet!

This product made by Meiwa Denki and KAYAK. They think this beat as good for body, brain, minds and creativity. They call the beat as "BBU"(Bounding Body from Unconciousness). If you want to know more about BBU theory, you can visit the theory of BBU site.

If you are very interested in YUREX and BBU, you can put YUREX BlogParts to your blog. And then your blog also feeling creative and get started beating at once!!

But, he is too excited to think creatively.
Beating may be good for you if you don't beat so a lot of. :-)

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