Crepe is fast food most popular with young people in Harajuku, Tokyo.

Crepe is a kind of a pancake. The origin of crepe is the Brittany district in northwestern France. Crepe is rolled or folded, and various foods are wrapped in and eaten in many cases. The crape that rolls only butter and sugar is the simplest.

There are crepe which wraps in whipped cream, fruit and jam, chocolate sauce, ice cream, etc., and is eaten as confectionery, and crepe which wraps in a ham, chicken, a cheese, vegetables, etc. and is eaten as a light meal.

The Harajuku Takeshita street in Shibuya, Tokyo is famous because there are a lot of crape shops. A lot of young people buy the crape, eat in front of the shop or eat and walk. Crepe is also a fast food.

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